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The Dusmuir Community Gardens are located on a portion of Blackie Spit that was acquired by the City in 1974. The entire area is home to an abundance of natural and cultural heritage, including a number of buildings on the City's heritage register. The significance of the area was recognized by Council in 1996 when the land was dedicated as park through City wide referendum. The community garden plots are farmed by individual residents, so please be respectful of their efforts. You'll find access from Crescent Road at Sullivan Street. A small road leads from this intersection northeast along the train tracks. About 330 meters along, the road turns left - you'll see the gardens in the fields to your left. If you keep heading straight, a 1.5-kilometre waterfront pathway will lead you out and around Blackie Spit. Blackie Spit Park has signs throughout the park for a self-guided walk. Learn about the history and ecological significance of the area while enjoying the beautiful ocean views and wildlife. We have 127 plots and over 180 members.

Please contact us via email at dunsmuircommunitygarden@gmail.com

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 45056
Ocean Park Post Office
Surrey, BC V4A 9L1
Garden Address:
12345 Sullivan Street
Crescent Breach,
South Surrey

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