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Spring Inspection, City Drainage Project, Request for Ideas, Important Dates Hello Garden Members, I wanted to say HELLO as the sunshine has shown it's lovely face! The gardening season is beginning to bud. We have a few new items and a few old ones to share with you: 1)  Spring Inspection   Will occur around  May 8  this year. Please ensure that you have removed grass and weeds, started cultivation and planting. Your paths should be free and clear of weeds, and debris. All around your fence should also be cleaned up. Trees, shrubs and vines should be located in the southwest corner. Please watch the shading of your neighbours. 2)  Garden Visitors & City Drainage Project We will be hosting a group of artists on Tuesday July 31 for a Plein Air painting day, The artists are from the South Surrey White Rock Art Society.  The City of Surrey will be commencing a Drainage Project in the park starting early May and will be using the side of the road as a te
***2018 Bylaw Revision NOTICE *** The Provincial Government contacted all Societies last Fall to request bylaw revisions. The purpose of this is to have all Society bylaws use consistent language, meaning and interpretation and meet the overall intentions of the Societies Act.    As the Dunsmuir Garden Group is a society incorporated under the BC Societies Act it was incumbent on us to rewrite our bylaws to meet Provincial Government criteria and have them submitted by November 2018. Fortunately, the work of previous Board of Directors laid solid groundwork for our bylaws and the intentions of the Societies policies were well in place. While this work has still been a significant undertaking the Board of Directors has completed the bylaw revisions and wishes to recommend that they be approved as written at the Annual General Meeting on May 12 th . Part 1 – Definitions and Interpretation Definitions 1.1         In these Bylaws: “Act” means t