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Your Garden Needs Volunteers! Organizations like ours are dependent on people stepping forward to volunteer.                                     The old adage is true…”Many hands make light work.” Please indicate on the sign-up sheet at the AGM how you are willing to commit some volunteer hours during our 2018 garden season. Thank you! DRAFT OUTLINE – February 2018 Executive Directors President ·       Is the chief operating officer of the society. ·       Must supervise the other directors in the execution of their duties ·       Is the Society’s administrative liason with the City of Surrey ·       Presides as chair at all general and board meetings Vice President ·       In the absence of the President, acts as chief operating officer of the Society and takes on all other duties of the President, as determined by the Board. ·       May hold a second Directors position, upon Board approval ·       May undertake other duties. Past President ·