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Whew...Are we out of the Weeds?

 Whew... Are we out of the Weeds? Well our Summer Inspection has been completed and those not complying have received an email or a phone call. Re-Inspection of those plots will commence  between August 28 - August 31. Inspectors this year are gardeners who volunteered to step up and help out by checking plots. We really appreciate that you all made their job quite easy this season! Our gardens look great! Thank You!

Summer Inspection

 Summer Inspection      The summer growing season is in full swing! This is just a reminder of our basic summer criteria.  Official Summer Inspection will be happening this August 13-15. Summer Inspection Criteria: West & North Paths Weed Free Garden Fully Planted Garden Weed Free Perimeter of fence Weed Free Active Gardening In Play (harvesting, weeding, care taking) Other:  NO use of paint or stains permitted in garden plots (exception is bird houses, but must be mounted on untreated, unstained and unpainted poles). NO chemically treated wood. Immediately remove. Trees & Shrubs must be in southwest corner of plot or else approved location by board, They should not shade or create damage or root problems for neighbours. They should not overhang onto paths. Max Height 6 foot 6 for Green Houses and must be pre-approved by board BEFORE construction. No storage of excess rubbish such as boards, boxes, plastic or metal Plot holders must remove their own garbage from the garden site