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What's Been Going On...

  Hello Dunsmuir Gardeners! Whew... we have made it through a challenging season and we wish you all a very Happy Holiday Season and want to extend our warmest regards and safe wishes during this difficult time. We still managed to complete an awful lot this year and the garden is looking fabulous! Many of us dug in to keep the grounds organized and tidy and many little and big jobs have been tackled.  Apple Trees We have Apple Trees! Our President worked together with both Vancity Savings and the City of Surrey to create our new APPLE ORCHARD! Yes!! Our awesome Apple Co-ordinators purchased an amazing array of Apple Trees and organized the planting. Some fantastic volunteers nurtured the little trees as they waited for the city to prepare the area. We hope that 2021 brings us lots of volunteers to keep our little trees healthy and safe during the coming season. When the trees finally fruit we will be all enjoying the fruits of our labour... terribly punny right? New Roof Some fearless